What is Side Story Studios?

The short answer? Side Story Studios is an artistic collective that wants to bring thoughtful critique, real work experience, and supportive feedback to all artists across all mediums.

The long answer? Well…

All too often artists who seek out an education find themselves preset on a focused and singular career path. So many of these young creators no longer fit the academic mold; many are self-taught and have already begun to distance themselves from the fundamentals higher education offers. They seek to refine their own skills, not add to the dusty collection of techniques they’ll never utilize. They have specific goals, large ideas, and a talent for doing what they love. But so many of these artists are intimidated by undertaking these ideas alone. They work without feedback, often times not knowing how to sell their work or bring it forward to an audience. These creators are left isolated in their own capabilities. Side Story Studios wants to change the way young artists work by putting them in touch with the best educators possible; themselves.

Side Story Studios aims to become a creative archive for young artists seeking to produce original works. Artists with new ideas will be able to bring their concepts to the studio and enjoy the benefits an academic environment would provide without the weight of grades or assignments. With the creative team currently backing the studio young artists will have access to the feedback of musical composers, illustrators, painters, writers, and performers. These creators are masters of their individual crafts, offering unique perspectives and valuable critiques. The beauty of this format is that works are always cross-medium; a writer with no painting experience will view a piece much differently than a classically trained oil painter. These differences will provide our aspiring artists with the essential information they need to perfect and refine what are ultimately profitable ideas. Side Story Studios would then help direct the artist through the process of publishing and marketing, aiming to bring financial success to artists as well.

Are you an artist interested in working with Side Story StudiosContact us and pitch your project– show us your passion and we’ll happily set up a meeting in our studio!

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