UPDATE: Weekly cycling, limited edition prints for CONTINUE? are now available for purchase here! Stay updated on the newest themes, styles, and available prints by following the studio’s Twitter and Dylan’s Tumblr.


Side Story Studios is proud to present CONTINUE? by Dylan Wignall, a printed collection of the artist’s vast and unending visual explorations. In the words of the artist…

CONTINUE? is a compendium of quick, daily artworks… The works started as ballpoint ink drawings but have since expanded into digital paintings, and in the future will come to include sculpture as well. The resulting compendium is largely an untethered stream of consciousness, each piece coming from an interesting thought or concept I happened across during a day.

Some common themes do exist, however –  the most consistent being music. Each drawing is named after the song that inspired it, was listened to during its creation, or became associated to it afterwards. I listen to a wide variety of music – progressive rock, rap heavy metal, classic rock, folk, house, and krautrock. Music is core to my being and it naturally became a core support to the project. Each drawing is matched with a facing page containing a relevant lyric that hopefully opens the road into the work for the viewer –  or provides them with an interesting question.”

You can explore more of Dylan Wignall’s work and learn about the artist at his website or tumblr.