Colby Joseph Herchel is a composer and lyricist whose work has been performed across the Northeast. He premiered his first musical at 15 years old, and has been working ever since. His music has been heard with the Connecticut Repertory Theatre, ARTBARN art colony, and the internationally acclaimed Ballard Museum of Puppetry. His most recent works include Terra Incognita, Le Voyage dans la Lune, ECHO, Claire de Loon, and instrumental music for The Circle. He manages Side Story Studios and studied at the University of Connecticut under Dr. Kenneth Fuchs. He currently resides in New York City and offers personal coaching for auditions and musical theatre repertoire.


Karleigh Sheehan-Drumm is an accomplished illustrator and entrepreneur who has gone on to be renowned across Western Massachusetts. Side Story Studios began its life as a pseudonym for Karleigh’s work as a commercial artist.


But when it was pitched as a business in 2012 during the STCC Young Scholar Business Plan Competition the studio took home first place and began to grow into a much bigger idea. Today, Karleigh manages Side Story Studios and has begun expanding her personal studies as an apprentice jewelry maker under Rebekah Brooks.